You've decided to apply for an apartment at The Brooklyn-Roosevelt. We aim to make the process smooth. Please visit our FAQ for information on how to qualify. Read the below instructions carefully and don't hesitate to contact someone from our team if you have any questions.

Step 1: Place a deposit on the apartment you'd like

We require a $1,000 deposit payable in certified check, money order or cash (personal checks are not accepted) when beginning an application for an apartment. This deposit is applied to your first rent and security deposit payments due at lease signing when your application is accepted.  The $1,000 deposit is also refundable should you be declined after completing your application. Deposits are however not refundable should you choose to cancel your application once you've started it. 

Deposits must be made payable to:

1024 Gates LLC or 833 Monroe LLC

Depending on which address you are applying for

Please contact us to make an appointment for a deposit drop-off


Alternatively, you may also choose to pay the deposit via credit card at the following link:

Brooklyn-Roosevelt Payment portal

Please note the following when paying with credit card:

  • There is a 3% service surcharge when using the credit card payment option. Payment services provided by Level Group Inc. and processed by PayPal.

  • Deposits made with credit card payment are NOT applied to your first months rent or security. Instead the deposit is held until the business day after your lease signing and then refunded back to your original form of payment along with the service surcharge.

Step 2: Fill out the web based application form

Brooklyn- Roosevelt/

Weimark online application portal - CLick Here

NOTE: We recommend you fill out your application form as soon as you can after submitting your deposit. You do not have to have all (or any) of your documentation ready to upload in order to fill out the application form. You'll be able to upload documents at any time after you've submitted your application form by using a link that will be automatically emailed to you.

Who must fill out the application form above? Basically, anyone who will be involved in the rental or occupancy of the apartment.

  • The applicant(s) themselves (even if they're using a guarantor)

  • Any guarantor(s)

  • Any other persons who will be living in the unit, even if they won't be a lease holder

There is a $20 application fee per person applying payable with credit card at the time the application form is completed

Step 3: Submit documents

You'll submit documents supporting your application to by uploading them to the Application Portal via the application link emailed to you by Weimark or as attachments via email at

Please include the name of the applicant and the Unit number being applied for in the subject line of any emails. We require the following from our applicants and guarantors: 

  • Copy of government-issued photo I.D.

  • Employment verification letter. (On company letterhead, stating position AND salary [plus bonus, if any], with a contact phone number) or if Self-Employed, a letter stating position and income from your Accountant or Lawyer

  • First (example) and signature page (example) of your two most recent Federal 1040 tax forms

  • Copy of two current, consecutive pay stubs

  • Copy of the summary page of your most recent bank statement

  • Proof of any additional income/savings (stocks, bonds, savings, etc…) if applicable

If an applicant is not employed we require only the following from them:

  • Copy of government-issued photo I.D.

  • Copy of the summary page of your most recent bank statement

  • Proof of any additional income/savings (stocks, bonds, savings, etc…) if applicable

For persons who won't be on the lease but will be authorized occupants we require:

  • Copy of government-issued photo I.D.

Optional Step 4: Guarantor

NOTE: You do not have to wait to receive the "Guaranty of Resident Obligations" form before submitting the applicant or guarantor applications and documents in steps 2 or 3. Waiting will only delay your application

If you are adding a guarantor (or guarantors) to qualify your application we'll need to generate a legal document entitled the "Guaranty of Resident Obligations" that your guarantor(s) will have to print/sign/notarize should your application be approved. The original document will have to be hand delivered at the lease signing

Please fill out the following form to help us generate that document for you and your guarantor:

Legal Name of Applicant *
Legal Name of Applicant
The legal name of the first applicant for tenancy. This must match what's on the applicants photo ID.
Legal Name of 2nd Applicant (if applicable)
Legal Name of 2nd Applicant (if applicable)
(If applicable) The legal name of the second applicant for tenancy. This must match what's on the applicants photo ID.
Proposed lease start date *
Proposed lease start date
The lease start date you're aiming for (requested dates are not guaranteed)